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Utah Nursery Gives Endangered Fish a Place to Grow

A Nature Conservancy preserve in Moab, Utah offers hopeful news for endangered razorback suckers: this fall, 51 juvenile suckers were recorded on the property’s fish nursery, which began operation in 2020. “When we survey the river, we find adult suckers.  We find baby suckers,” says Sam Brockdorff, a biologist with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources. […]

Devils Hole pupfish spring population at 25-year high

191 fish counted! AMARGOSA VALLEY, Nevada – Agency biologists are excited to report increased numbers of one of the world’s rarest fishes. Scientists counted 191 Devils Hole pupfish, which is the most fish observed during annual spring season counts in 25 years. This is good news for the critically endangered fish living in Death Valley […]

Mekong’s Forgotten Fishes Report

FFSG is proud to have supported the delivery of the new Mekong’s Forgotten Fishes Report. Led by FFSG Co-Chair Kathy Hughes (FFSG Co-Chair), with support from Chavalit Vidthayanon (FFSG South-east Asia Chair), Catherine Sayer (FFSG Biodiversity Adviser) and Zeb Hogan (FFSG member). The Mekong is a global hotspot for freshwater fishes, with over 1200 recognised […]

New Species 2023

FFSG is proud to  have supported this fantastic new species report from Shoal: There are some fantastic stories of amazing fishes in this year’s edition, including a fish named after a Hobbit that went on an ‘unexpected journey’, the world’s largest cavefish, and an incredible seven species described from Central European lakes! Read all about it […]

State of the World’s Freshwater Fish Species

Today IUCN announces the completion of the first comprehensive assessment of the world’s freshwater fish species, revealing that 25% (3,086 out of 14,898 assessed species) are at risk of extinction. At least 17% of threatened freshwater fish species are affected by climate change, including decreasing water levels, rising sea levels causing seawater to move up […]

New FFSG Newsletter!

Thanks to the support of FFSG members, FFSG we are delighted to share the first FFSG Newsletter in several years. If you are interested in news about freshwater fish conservation and science, please see here: and keep an eye on this page for the next FFSG Newsletter planned for Spring 2024

Extinction risks and threats facing the freshwater fishes of Britain

A new paper has just been published in Aquatic Conservation by Andy D. Nunn,  Rachel F. Ainsworth,  Silas Walton,  Colin W. Bean,  Tristan W. Hatton-Ellis,  Andy Brown,  Rob Evans,  Allison Atterborne,  Dave Ottewell,  Richard A.A. Noble Nunn, A.D., Ainsworth, R.F., Walton, S., Bean, C.W., Hatton-Ellis, T.W., Brown, A. et al. (2023). Extinction risks and threats […]

New FFSG Website

We’re working on a new website for the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group. You will see it change gradually from a site apparently about cakes to one about fish – we do not intend to make fishcakes! Keep checking back to see what we’ve added