Mekong’s Forgotten Fishes Report

FFSG is proud to have supported the delivery of the new Mekong’s Forgotten Fishes Report. Led by FFSG Co-Chair Kathy Hughes (FFSG Co-Chair), with support from Chavalit Vidthayanon (FFSG South-east Asia Chair), Catherine Sayer (FFSG Biodiversity Adviser) and Zeb Hogan (FFSG member).

The Mekong is a global hotspot for freshwater fishes, with over 1200 recognised fish species.  The report found that 19% of the Mekong’s diverse and unique freshwater fishes are threatened with extinction. The Mekong’s Forgotten Fishes report is supported by a coalition of 25 organisations and sets how we can deliver a Freshwater Biodiversity Emergency Recovery Plan to conserve them. 

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