About the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group

Sewellia lineolata, a small, flattened fish with wide pectoral fins, and dark stripes and spots, on a piece on bock oak, with a snail above it, and a sandy substrate with water plants behind it.
Sewellia lineolata copyright Kathy Hughes

We are the IUCN SSC Freshwater Fish Specialist Group. Established in 2004 our mission is to be the global forum for people pursuing the conservation of freshwater fishes. We work globally, split across 17 regions and representing over 160 members.

Our Vision is for thriving populations of native freshwater fishes sustained in their natural environments as part of functioning healthy ecosystems for nature and people. To achieve this we work to achieve six Goals:

  1. Lead and support the science upon which freshwater fish conservation can succeed
  2. Support best practice in-situ conservation for freshwater fishes
  3. Support best practice ex-situ conservation for freshwater fishes
  4. Strengthen the link between freshwater fish science and policy to support impactful policy decision making
  5. Awareness raising and engagement on freshwater fishes
  6. Inspire the next generation of fish scientists and conservationists
Organogram showing the structure of the Freshwater Fish Specialist Group
21 March 2024