FOUND! Rediscovery of leopard barbel in Türkiye spurs hope in the midst of global freshwater fish decline

Picture of leopard barbel with FOUND stamped across it, and some facts about the fish below: Scientific name Luciobarbus subquincunciatus; Range Tigris-Euphrates River system; last seen in 2011; also known as the spot barb, was once abundant in certain locations but has declined rapidly over the last 30 years; IUCN Conservation Status Critically Endangered

News from SHOAL

January 9th, 2024

On the heels of the news that 25% of freshwater fish are at risk of extinction, a team of ichthyologists in Türkiye (Turkey) has rediscovered hope in the shape of a carp-like, spotted fish — the leopard barbel (Luciobarbus subquincunciatus) — in the Turkish section of the Tigris River. The species, which was last scientifically documented in 2011, is the second species on SHOAL and Re:wild’s Most Wanted Lost Fishes list to be rediscovered. The first, the Batman River loach, was found by the same intrepid team in Southeastern Türkiye in late 2021.

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